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*~*~ In 2021 HalfwayHome rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed 79 Animals!! ~*~* Halfway Home Animal Rescue

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Liten is a 7 month old orange tabby male. Great with other cats, coexists with dogs, but he is skittish of humans. Would be best adopted as a barn cat or as a companion to an existing cat.

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About Halfway Home

Thank you for choosing to view our website! We're still under construction so please bear with us. Throughout our navigation, you'll see that though we're not a 501-3 organization, we still have the same mission in mind, which is to find the perfect home for each animal. Feel free to browse through our site, and hopefully you'll be able to find your forever friend!

Halfway Home is an Independent Cat & Dog Rescue and Foster program and are always looking for help! Right now space is an issue, so we cannot take on a lot at one time. If you're interested in fostering or adopting, please view the appropriate pages. Though we only have a few animals at a time, our adoption rates are high, and returns are low, so we constantly have new friends available so be sure to check back often! We can even alert you if you're looking for a companion.

Halfway Home is a Spay/Neuter rescue that makes sure you get your new fur baby at its highest health peak; it's up to you to make them happy for the rest of their lives! We can ALWAYS use donations, as everything is out of pocket. Please view the Donate page to see what we could use! Anything and everything is appreciated.

Adoption fees cover the out of pocket expenses of Sterilization (Spay/Neuter), Age Appropriate Vaccines, Deworming, Testing, Microchipping and any other medication that they need. We need the fees to not only cover what we've lost, but to also get ready for the next fosters. Our fees are non-refundable so please keep that in mind.

Our animals come from all walks of life, and we do our absolute best to take them on and work with them on whatever issues they may have and get them ready for a home that would be a perfect match for them. These pets live in homes that have other dogs, other cats, children, and we begin basic training and socialization to ensure our pets are well rounded. We want the best for our fosters, and we will match them up with the best home possible to ensure that everyone is happy. Family is forever, please keep that in mind when adopting!

Thank you for choosing to adopt! We hope we find what you're seeking with Halfway Home Rescue!

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Disclaimer:This website is updated as often as possible. We cannot make updates with each and every arrival and departure of animals in our care. Please be advised that its first come first serve and the animals will go to the most qualified applicant in order of which they e-mail to inquire about the animal.